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14 07, 2020

Envato Partner Earning Splitter [PHP SCRIPT]


Many envato authors works as teams and in some cases there are partnerships by single product items. In that case getting exact earning and distributing is much difficult to do manually, specially have you have more items other than the one with partnership. I saw few others looking for a solution of this and decided [...]

Envato Partner Earning Splitter [PHP SCRIPT]2020-07-14T18:36:53+06:00
4 07, 2020

Elementor Addon for PDF Viewer for WordPress


Elementor is one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress at this moment, There s a huge userbase already grown and still growing as its a very user friendly and many other reasons. We've been getting requests from users of PDF Viewer for WordPress for integration with Elementor, That's why we started working [...]

Elementor Addon for PDF Viewer for WordPress2020-07-04T14:54:55+06:00
4 07, 2020

Introducing FlipBook Mode with PDF Viewer for WordPress


PDF Viewer for WordPress has been the best PDF Reader plugin for WordPress since 2014, with more than 5000 sales on CodeCanyon. We are thankful to all of our users and as a return of your trust and love, we've been working continuously to provide frequent updates, adding more features etc. Today, We're going to [...]

Introducing FlipBook Mode with PDF Viewer for WordPress2020-07-04T14:36:36+06:00