New Payment System Introduced : Paypal Integrated with ThemeNcode

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ThemeNcode always tries to make everything easier for the clients. In this process, we have integrated PayPal Payment system in ThemeNcode. Previously, it was a hassle for a few clients to make payments on our website who use PayPal.

From now on, there will no such issue. You can make payments whenever you want with PayPal and get your desired products.

Why PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most used systems across the whole world. It is used for various payments. It is easier for everyone to pay for something using PayPal. 

PayPal is being used for a long time now. And due to this long time, it has got a huge number of users. This is why PayPal becomes a must for any website that has a payment system.

Pay With PayPal on ThemeNcode

Unfortunately, we didn’t have PayPal in our payment system. We received a lot of complaints from our clients. Due to not having PayPal, a lot of our users couldn’t get the products.

We have recently launched some amazing products. Such as Divi PDF Viewer For WordPress addon which is an extension of PDF Viewer For WordPress, and OfferPress which will help to generate offer links for WooCommerce store owners. 

Also, we are providing services like complete website development and WordPress custom plugin development. You can order any of those.

So no need to worry anymore. Select what you want and pay with PayPal.

Payment System Other Than PayPal

Apart from PayPal, you can use your credit card to make any kind of payment on ThemeNcode. Visa, MasterCard, American Express everything is available on the ThemeNcode website. This is powered by Stripe.

Our payment system is secured with SSL encryption. Also, we have a proper refund policy. But make sure you read that before placing an order.

Products You Should Consider Getting

ThemeNcode has some brilliant and amazing plugins that you might still not know. What everyone mainly knows is ThemeNcode has created PDF Viewer For WordPress and WP File Access Manager.

But let me tell you that we have some more amazing plugins that can change the performance of your website. Also, we are still developing a number of plugins which the WordPress industry hasn’t seen yet.

The two most prolific plugins that ThemeNcode has but you might not know are QuoteX and OfferPress.


The plugin that can change the course of the condition of any WooCommerce website is QuoteX. All you need to understand is just this one thing. If you give value to your customers on your Website is going to be more beneficiated. 

QuoteX- Woocommerce quote Request

The question that arouse is how to give value to your clients so that they get a warm feeling. To do that all you need to do is let them ask for a price and make a conversation with them and collaborate on a price that you both agree upon. 

By doing this, you both can match on a point. Your sale number will grow for sure with this method.


Another mind-blowing plugin with features that you may not have dreamed of. It will generate offer links for you with just a click. You may be thinking that you want to give some offers to your clients. But you don’t know how to generate links with offers?

Offerpress WooCommerce Plugin

Don’t be tensed. OfferPress will do this for you. You can generate offer links with any kind of parameter using OfferPress. You can set the expiration time also. 


Let’s sum up everything. ThemeNcode is available for every PayPal user who wants to use our products and make a payment. Hurry Up! Amazing deals are going on. Up to 50% discount is waiting for you!



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