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WordPress based websites often need to be transferred to a new host due to issues on a current host or any other reason. Doing it incorrectly may cause serious malfunction to your site, Even it can cause lose of your files completely. Your site will lose rankings on Google,  Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. So ThemeNcode decided to provide transfer WordPress site new host. Answer the following two questions and if your answer is yes for any of these, Go ahead and order transfer WordPress site new host service.
  1. Are you looking to transfer your WordPress website from a server to another ?
  2. Change Domain of your WordPress Website ?

We can take care of that within less than 24 hours of order without causing any downtime at all. We ensure that the process is done within 24 hours of order, although most orders get done within 3-4 hours in average. Just place an order and send us details of both servers using Submit Information Page.


  1. No Downtime at all
  2. Delivery within 24 Hours
  3. 3 Days Review Period (Means you can review the site and send any issues you may find within 3 Days after we complete)
  4. Quick Support

Required Things to get started:

  1. Access to Cpanel (or any other panel you use, we just need access to files & database) of both hosting accounts.
  2. Special instructions if you have any.


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