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PDF Viewer for WordPress

Best way to display PDF Files on WordPress site, Works on All browsers.

A single plugin can change the Experience of your Website Visitors

PDF Viewer for WordPress comes with varieties of options and controls for both you and your users/customers/visitors.

Here's how PDF Viewer actually Looks like

Why PDF Viewer for WordPress ?

Fully Responsive
Print, Download and many other options
Sharing Option
100+ Languages
Users won't have to install any pdf reader
Customizable colors
Brand with your own logo
Works on all modern browsers
Highly Customizable
Easy to use
Link or Embed Option
Faster Loading Time

More to come in this way...

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Fully Responsive
Works with any Device and browsers

PDF Viewer for WordPress is compatible with all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera.

The viewer is fully responsive, so it fits with any screen size

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4000+ Users cannot be wrong

Power up your WordPress site with PDF Viewer for WordPress now!
Pucrhase PDF Viewer for WordPress

It costs only $19

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    Great Design and Functionality

    Works great! Everything works as stated, very user friendly and look great...Thank you

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    Great Customer Support

    Fantastic customer support. I submitted a ticket and within two hours the problem was resolved.

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    It’s all ok ;) Very good plugin for compatibility on all browser (mac windows e mobile) and functionality also on mobile for reading doc… Very good !!!

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    Code Quality

    Works perfect out of the box!

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    Customer Support

    After a very friendly and helpful support for this 'newbie'. the plugin works great!

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