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Divi - TNcFlipbook Addon

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Divi PDF viewer for WordPress Addon

Create TNC FlipBook - PDF viewer for WordPress Shortcodes right from your Divi Module. This add-on is not a standalone. At first, you need to buy & install TNC FlipBook - PDF viewer for WordPress. Use Coupon DIVI10 to get 10% off.

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Display - TNcFlipbook Addon

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Display - PDF viewer for WordPress Addon

WordPress plugin that is used for creating and managing online libraries, catalogs, and book collections. This plugin is highly customizable with various templates and styling options to match your website's design. Use Coupon DISPLAY10 to get 10% off.

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Preview - TNcFlipbook Addon

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Preview – PDF viewer for WordPress Addon

With this addon, you can select specific pages of a PDF file and set restrictions for viewers. Restricted viewers will only see a partial view of the PDF, while unrestricted viewers can see the full PDF viewer. Use Coupon PREVIEW10 to get 10% off.

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TNC BookShelf Popup

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TNC BookShelf Popup Pro

TNC Bookshelf Popup – Shelf display for WordPress Images, Embedded Items, and more. There are Popup mode, BookShelf mode, List mode and Grid Mode. Use Coupon BOOKSHELF10 to get 10% off.

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It makes a few years that I use this plugin, and so I can really recommend it. The deveoppers regulary update it and improved it A LOT in the last years. Las week, I was in the process of rebuilding my website, when I saw, that there was some small design / zoom improvement that coul be made, so all my customers, no matter wich screen they use, have the best possible experience. Customer support listened to my feedback and found a way to optimise the PDF viewer even more.


Envato User

Great plugin, great support – the helpdesk team helped me within hours to resolve a serious issue due to an incompatibility with an outdated plugin – after deleting the culprit the PDF Viewer works flawlessly.



“Just a quick note to say the developer is excellent with this plugin. It’s the only PDF plugin that can do exactly what I need: protect my files from being downloaded or printed. Thank you for being such an excellent developer!”

Steve Pajerski

Health Education Inc.