OfferPress is a WooCommerce addon. This plugin makes the discount offer-giving process very easy. With just a few clicks you can generate the links to the products that you want to sell with discounts. There is just no limitation. Create links with a bundle of products.

There are a lot of parameters with what you can choose the people or the conditions after which you can give the discount offer and generate a link. When someone clicks the link they can see that they have a discount on those products. The process is more than simple!

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OfferPress Features

Have big troubles with how you can get a link with all the discounted products? You have found just the right product. OfferPress comes up with a lot of features to solve the offer-giving issues for you.

These features are just created to make life easier for WooCommerce store owners. From now on they can just install the plugin and generate offer links for as many products as they want. Let’s check out some of the features now.

Send Custom Offers
to your customers

Create a customized offer and generate links to that offer. So the visitors that click that link will see the custom offer that you created earlier.

Xoffer link
xoffer link
Xoffer link

Include unlimited number of products on each offer

There is no limitation on the number of products. Create discount offer links on a bulk amount of products with just a few clicks. This plugin will automatically apply discounts on those products and will generate a link mentioning them.

This will solve the huge problem of applying discounts on bulk amounts of products and generating custom links simultaneously. Sell those bulk products and gain more revenue easily.

xoffer link

X offer link

Restrict Offer by specific Users

Now, you may not want to give some visitors the avail for the offer. OfferPress will also make sure to cut down on those people whom you don’t want to give the discount.

For restricted visitors, the link will not work and it will show the original price of the product. It will help WooCommerce Store owners to create the offer for the exact specific visitors that are important. This is a big relief for the store owner.

Xoffer link
xoffer link

Restrict Offer by Specific User Roles

You can create an offer link for some specific roles and restrict other who doesn’t fit in that role. Choosing the specific user type can get you more sales.

The restriction will be applied to the selected users as per their role. This is also a must-have feature for any store that wants to give an offer to some people.

Dedicated Customer support

To solve any problem that you may get while using our plugin our support is ready 24/7. We will provide any kind of help you need. You can contact us through our support hub and we will be there for you.

OfferPress is created by ThemeNcode. We have already supported thousands of website owners with any kind of issue. Our main focus is always on full customer satisfaction. That’s why our dedicated customer support is always ready at your service.

Xoffer link
Xoffer link

Create Unlimited Offers

There are no limitations on offers that you can create with our plugin OfferPress. You can create tons of offers with just a few clicks and your offer link will be generated immediately.

You can create different offers with different parameters at the same time. You may create offers within a limited time frame as well as offers with specific product quantities and many more. Just give it a look and you will love it.

Why using OfferPress is so easy

Well Documented

OfferPress comes with detailed documentation. Users can learn every single detailed information about the plugin

User interface

The user interface is very smooth and easy to use. All you need is just a few mouse clicks.

Many options to Choose

There are a lot of parameters from which you can choose your suitable options and generate the link.

Ready to start with OfferPress