PDF viewer for WordPress version 10.8.0 Update Released

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ThemeNcode released the PDF viewer for WordPress 10.8.0 update today. To make the plugin better and more efficient ThemeNcode tries to update the plugin regularly. This update has come up with 4 new features and some minor bug fixes.

What Are The Changes?

1. Added [pvfw-image-link] shortcode

2. Moved zoom, jump to page, pagemode settings to edit pdf viewer page from the shortcode builder

3. Added a button to copy the pdf viewer URL on the archive and single viewer edit page

4. Divi addon is now available: https://themencode.com/divi-pdf-viewer-for-wordpress

5. Misc. Other improvements

Brief About The Changes

1. Added [pvfw-image-link] shortcode

Showing PDF Viewer as an image by using this shortcode is possible now. It’s effortless and yet very effective. Grabbing the attention of visitors with an image is the easiest way of attention-grabbing and when the visitor clicks the image it will open the desired PDF that was linked with the image.


2. Moved zoom, jump to page, pagemode settings to edit PDF viewer page from the shortcode builder

No more hassle of using shortcodes. Change zoom, jump to page and page mode right from the edit PDF viewer page. Before this update, shortcodes were used to use these three elements. You will get all the variable options of these three elements and can change them right from the edit pdf viewer page.

No jump to page zoom page mode in edit mode before update 10.8.0

3. Added a button to copy the pdf viewer URL on the archive and single viewer edit page

There was no option to copy the pdf viewer URL on the archive and single viewer edit page. As you can see here in this image. In order to copy the URL of the pdf viewer either you need to view the page or copy the link address from the view button. It was a painful job. So to make this process even easier, a new button to copy the URL is added on both the archive and single viewer page.


4. Divi addon is now available:

Divi Addon will make the use of PDF viewer for WordPress easy on WordPress websites built with Divi. It’s a big relief for Divi users. It was a highly anticipated product that finally came to light. It comes with 4 modules and you can do all the work using Divi builder now. You won’t need to use shortcodes anymore. This is a big update that you must check out. 


5. Misc. Other improvements

There were some minor bug fixes and typo issues. After the PDF viewer for WordPress update 10.8.0, there are no bugs in this plugin. PDF viewer for WordPress is becoming even better and we are trying to meet our client’s demands as much as possible.

What’s Next?

ThemeNcode is improving PDF viewer for WordPress by adding more features to the arsenal. There will be something big coming very soon and the PDFs on your WordPress website will become even more amazing. ThemeNcode has a big pipeline of updates waiting for development. The developers are working hard to meet your demands and fulfil the needs of everything regarding PDF on WordPress. 

In the meantime, ThemeNcode is working on other plugins as well. To date, every single plugin was created to make various processes easier on WordPress. There is something for Shopify users also that will come in a very short time. That’s all the updates for today. Hope to come up with some eye-catching updates very soon.

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This plugin started its journey back in 2014. Since then it has helped thousands of WordPress websites. The PDF viewing process is so easy with this plugin and more than that flipbook makes the PDF more striking in front of visitors.

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