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WooCommerce Request
a Quote.

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How it Works

QuoteX helps you to create a more customer-friendly environment on your WoooCommerce website. It will
lead you to get more sales. Here you can see the steps about how to work with QuoteX


1. Customers add products to the quote
and submit a quote request.


2. Admin receives the request by email,
and it is also saved on the admin panel

3. Admin logins to admin panel and
updates the request with prices

4. Customer gets notified through email and
can view the quoted prices on the website

5. Customer leaves a comment or asks
for a new price quote if needed

6. Customer accepts the quote
or rejects it.


7. Items are added to the cart after acceptance,
and the customer goes to the checkout page.


8. Lot’s of options for admin
to customize.

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Why Choose QuoteX

QuoteX is not just another Traditional WooCommerce Quotation Plugin. It comes with some extraordinary features to help you set up a standalone Quotation system on your WooCommerce-based Store.

QuoteX comes with its own basket system, so it does not cause conflicts with WooCommerce Regular functionality. You can keep using the regular ordering system along with the Quotation system. This is an exclusive feature of QuoteX.

Add Request a Quote Button to WooCommerce Products

Like the “Add to Cart” button there will be a button named “Add to Quote”. By clicking this button, visitors can add products to the quote basket

Send Quotation to Client right from website

After getting the quote request from the customer, the shop owner can send the price quote to the client right from the website

Collaborate on Quote

If the customer agrees to the price quote given by the shop owner, they can collaborate on that price quote.

Accept/Reject Quote

Customers can accept or reject the custom price quote given by the shop owner. They can leave a comment or ask for a new price quote also.

Option to Change the Text of Add to Quote Button

The admin can change the text of the “Add to Quote” button.

Add Request a Quote Button to WooCommerce Products

Shop owners can hide or show the “Add to Cart“ button as their need is concerned.

Option to Hide or Display prices.

Admin or shop owner can hide or show the product price. Both options are available.

Easy to use

This plugin is really easy to use. You don’t need any kind of coding knowledge to work with this plugin. All you need is just some clicks to set it up.

Customizable Emails

The admin can customize the emails from the WordPress dashboard.

Option to enable/disable specific emails

The shop owner or admin can enable/disable specific emails from the WordPress dashboard

Change Email sender details

Admin can change the sender details from the dashboard

Pay Once, Enjoy updates lifetime!

You will get lifetime updates if you purchase the plugin. There will be no further charges for update
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Get QuoteX Now

Set up a fully functional quotation management system on your WooCommerce store in a few minutes with a standalone Quote Basket feature, email notifications, and many more exciting features

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we always get from our clients. Check this out,
and if you have any more queries you can contact us through our support hub

Does it work with catalog mode? Possible to hide “Add to Cart”?

Yes its possible to hide price and add to cart. Checking the issue with Demo now, thank you for letting me know.

Does your plugin work on a WooCommerce Multi Vendor website ?
Yes, the plugin works with most Multi Vendor websites and plugins used for Multi Vendor Websites. But if you are having any compatibility issues with other plugins, please contact us through the support hub.
Will the plugin auto compile personal data when a logged in user requests a quote?
Yes, its auto completes basic user info when user is logged in. User can change obviously.
The page “My Requests” is available even for non logged in users?
No, My requests page is available only for logged in users
When I buy your plugin, will it still work in ‘Local’?
It will worl on local or any other server as well.

Have any features in mind?

We’d love to get that as a feature request.

Please send us using our support portal

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Have any feature on mind?

We’d love to get that as a feature request.

Please send us using our support portal

Subscribe our newsletter