WordPress File Access Manager

Take control of your media files on WordPress website

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Ever wondered about uploading files for specific users or restrict one or
multiple users from accessing a file you uploaded on your WordPress site?
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How it work

It’s super easy to install and work with WP File Access Manager. Learn the steps here and with just
this few clicks you can activate this plugin on your website

After Purchasing the plugin on CodeCanyon. Go to Downloads page.

Find the Plugin on the list and click on Green Download Button.

Save the zip file on your computer.

Follow these steps to install via wp-admin

Login as administrator to wp-admin using your username and password

Go to Plugins-> Add New
Click on Upload Plugin button

Click on Choose File and choose the file you just downloaded from codecanyon

Click on Install Now

Click on Activate Plugin once the installation is done
Its all, and the plugin is installed on your site now!

After activating the plugin, you'll notice a New submenu item under Media called File Access Manager. Click on the menu and you'll get a page with a few tabs.

That's the interface you'll be dealing with to use the plugin. Its very simple and straightforward.

All the tabs and fields contains proper instructions about how things works but still here are some more details on each of the tabs and settings.

WP File Access Manager

Get a live experience

A Premium WordPress plugin to help you take control of WordPress media files. Now you can display or hide every single file of your WordPress site by login status or user roles or individual users. Developed by ThemeNcode, an envato elite author.

How will you be beneficiated

It can restrict the access of visitors who has no permission to see the file.
So this plugin will make sure that only the desired visitors can see your
WordPress files. And you can hide all other users too as per their roles.

Core Features

WP File Access Manager allows you to control every single file
uploaded to WordPress Media Library.

WP File Access Manager has one click update feature, so you can update very easily from your WordPress Admin area.

You’ll have access to all the updates without paying anything extra. Only pay once and get lifetime updates.
We ensure the best support. Regular license comes with 6 months of support period, Extended license provides lifetime support!

Protect Every Single file

Control who can access the file for every single file, regardless of file type or size.

Easiest way to protect WordPress Media Files

You can start protecting media files of your WordPress sites within just a few clicks.

Protect Every Single file

For example, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, ZIP, PPT, DOC, DOCX, CSV, XLS, TXT, GIF and any other file types.

Display/Hide by Login Status

You can set a file to be displayed to logged in users only. If you enable login requirement, only logged in users will be able to access the protected file.

Display/Hide for User Roles

You can set a file to be displayed to specific user roles only. If you enable role based restriction, only users with specified roles will be able to access the protected file.

Display/Hide for Individual Users

You can set a file to be displayed to individual users only. You can select to allow or disallow multiple users. Only specified users will be able to access the files with this kind of restriction.

Protect Single/Individual File

You can set restrictions for every single file. Just select or upload the file and set restrictions.

Protect by File Type

You can set restrictions by file type. If you enable restrictions for a particular file type, all uploaded files with same type will use the restriction.

Protect All Files

Don’t want to go for individual files? Just set to restrict all uploaded media files at once. This setting applies to all uploaded media files to WordPress Media Library.

Very Lightweight

Size of WP File Access Manager is less than 500KB, very lightweight.

Very Well Documented

We have a very well organized documentation to use WP File Access Manager, though anyone can start using it almost without following any kind of documentation. its that easy!

Compatible with Latest WordPress

WP File Access Manager is actively maintained and we ensure the compatibility with latest WordPress.


It works with TNC FlipBook – PDF viewer for WordPress , the best PDF Reader, and FlipBook plugin. It is also compatible with the TNC PDF viewer.

Code Quality Verified by envato/codecanyon

WP File Access Manager is being sold exclusively on codecanyon. The code quality is tested by envato review team.

Bulk protect for all files

Don’t want to set restrictions for each file or file type ? No problem, just do it at once for all the files.

Customer Reviews

Here are a few feedback from our users. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction
and we try to give full support.

“Very simple and usefull plugin. Support is very fast and good.”


Codecaynon user

Works perfectly fine at a much lower cost of competitors. Had a small issue but support fixed it in 20min. 🙂 Thanks!


Codecaynon user

“Great and quick support and the code is awesome! 100% recommended”


Codecaynon user

“Very simple and usefull plugin. Support is very fast and good.”


Codecaynon user

Accepted file types

Happy Customer

User rating


Accepted file types


Dedicated Support


Happy Customer


User rating

Progress of

WP File Access Manager

Our plugin has helped a lot of websites to restrict the access of unauthorized visitors from accessing the website. This is the best way if the WordPress website files are meant to be seen by specific people.

WP File Access Manager can protect every type of files. Our clients find this plugin very useful and we have supported them with any issues regarding the plugin. This plugin works with WooCommerce also so it is possible to show the WordPress files only to the premium members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get regularly from our users. Read this out before asking
for any kind of support. If you don’t find the solution here you can contact us through our support hub

What is the refund policy?
WP File Access Manager is a product of ThemeNCode. Check out the refund policy of ThemeNCode.
What payment method do you accept?
This plugin is sold on CodeCanyon. You can use PayPal, Skrill (for non-US customers only), and credit cards (Visa or Mastercard), to make purchases
Can I integrate the plugin with woo-commerce to add my own payment gateway?
Yes. It comes with the integration of WooCommerce.
Any file size limit? Any file type?
There is no file size limit. It works with 30+ file types.
Where can I ask a question about an item I want to purchase?
Ask any queries through our support hub. Here is the link https://themencode.support-hub.io/
Can I use the plugin with woocommerce?
Yes. You can use this plugin with WooCommerce. It comes with the integration of WooCommerce
Does this plugin support multisite?
No. It only works on single WordPress installations.