Best Way to Display Product Catalog on WordPress Website

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Blog

Almost all the business who sell products/services does have catalog of products. Because Product Catalog is obviously a very important thing for selling more. A product catalog is mostly a PDF file for multipurpose use.

Its aways a smart idea to Present/Display your Product Catalog on your official website, so that customers can have a glance at your products/services easily. But to ensure the smartness and usability, you need to think about the way for presentation.

Well, ThemeNcode has a solution for this, You can use PDF Viewer for WordPress for displaying product catalog smartly on your wordpress website.

PDF Viewer for WordPress is a PDF Reader plugin for WordPress website which comes with many toolbar items like download, print, share, zoom, rotate, bookmarks, attachments and many more. It has a very nice, clean and professional looking interface as well.

Let’s see the plugin in action with a Sample Product Catalog:

Click here to see Demo of PDF Viewer for WordPress with Product Catalog


Click Here to purchase PDF Viewer for WordPress


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