Big Discount on Display PDF Viewer For WordPress Addon

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Display PDF Viewer For WordPress Addon is the newest creation of ThemeNcode. We have come up with a gift for all of you.

I will talk about that in a moment but before that do you know what Display PDF Viewer For WordPress Addon is? And why is this display PDF Add-on, a must-have Addon if you upload PDFs regularly on your WordPress?

Display PDF Viewer For WordPress

This is an Add-On of “PDF Viewer For WordPress”. If you are new and don’t know about PDF Viewer For WordPress also, this is the best PDF Viewer and Flipbook plugin since 2014. For more details check out the landing page. This plugin has a free version on also.

Display Add-on works perfectly with both the premium and free versions of PDF Viewer For WordPress. So if you want to use this Add-on you don’t need to buy “PDF Viewer For WordPress” every time. You can easily download and install the free version and use it. 

This Add-on organizes your PDF files or Ebooks in a very beautiful and mind-blowing manner. It can arrange all your PDF files in three ways. 

The first type of display is the Bookshelf. This Add-on will show the Ebooks or PDF files over a shelf which looks really amazing and aesthetic. There are 4 types of shelves right now. Two of them look like glasses and the other two will give you the vibe of real wood. Here you can see an example:

The second type of display is the List view. It shows the PDF files as a list of contents. Also, it includes sorting, searching and filtering options by which visitors can find the PDF that they want to read very easily. Take a look at this picture. This is an example of the list view.

The third type is the Grid view. Grid view arranges the PDF files as a collection and organizes them in a grid. This mode also has searching, sorting and filtering options. You can turn these options on or off as you want. Here is an example.

The Gift?

Now let’s talk about the gift that I mentioned earlier. ThemeNcode is offering a flat 30% discount on every variant of Display PDF Viewer For WordPress. This may not be on for a long time so it’s better to grab this now without wasting any time. 

This Add-on currently has both annual and lifetime plans. Go for the one you need and you won’t regret it. It arranges the PDFs in a manner which is so satisfying that all of your visitors will love it and they will love using it. 

There are discounts going on other plugins also. For example, QuoteX which is a must-have plugin for WooCommerce is on a 36% discount and the OfferPress plugin is on a 50% discount. Browse more deals now and grab as much as you can before the offer ends.


ThemeNcode always works on things that are beneficial to everyone and helps them by making their WordPress journey easier. In that process, one of the most unique creations is this DIsplay PDF Viewer For WordPress Addon.

Make sure you check out and get the discount before the offer ends. If you need to know more about this Add-on kindly read this article.

Big Release : Display PDF Viewer for WordPress Addon is Live



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