Does PDF Documents of your website works on Internet Explorer ?

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Most of the common browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera have built-in pdf viewers (although that’s so simple, not that interactive), so users don’t need to have a pdf reader software (like acrobat reader) on their computer/device. You need to make sure your WordPress PDF Viewer is working on Internet Explorer also

But, Did you think about Internet Explorer? A major percentage of users still use Internet Explorer for internet browsing.  Statistics showed that about 23% of total internet users use Internet Explorer! (December 2014)

So, It’s a very important thing to think about the usability of Internet Explorer users.

However, Currently, Internet Explorer Doesn’t have any built-in PDF Reader, so users have to download the pdf and open it with a pdf reader software, which is really annoying. Moreover, Sometimes Internet Explorer Does nothing for a pdf URL!

This is why ThemeNcode Developed a WordPress Plugin called PDF viewer for WordPressThis is an awesome plugin which fixes the issue with Internet Explorer completely.

Not just Internet Explorer, it has a very nice interface with options to customize and make it match your colours and brand with your logo!

Here’re a few cool features for why you must use PDF viewer for WordPress on your WordPress based Website:

  1. It’s fully Responsive and works on any device like android, iPhone, windows smartphones and computers.
  2. Cross Browser compatible, It works with all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.
  3. It comes with a very nice interface, and you can customize it with your colours and logo!
  4. The viewer is completely web-based and will be on your server, so users won’t have any hassle viewing pdf files.
  5. Users have the ability to share pdf links on social media or via email directly from the viewer.
  6. You can embed the viewer directly on your post/page or use a link to the viewer.
  7. More cool features are on the way…

More detailed features of PDF viewer for WordPress can be found on the PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin Page.

So, if you think about the usability of PDF Files on your WordPress site, Then PDF viewer for WordPress is a must-use plugin!  You can purchase PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin from CodeCanyon. This plugin costs only $14.

Please feel free to contact ThemeNcode Support if you have any questions. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible


Download PDF viewer for WordPress for $40





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