Many envato authors works as teams and in some cases there are partnerships by single product items. In that case getting exact earning and distributing is much difficult to do manually, specially have you have more items other than the one with partnership.

I saw few others looking for a solution of this and decided to create something that will at least make this task a little easier and here it is today.

I’ve created this php script which will take item id, month, percentage and site as input from you and then it will calculate your earnings based on selected parameters using envato API.


  1. Ajax Powered
  2. Easy to install and use
  3. Completely Free

Caution: Please use with caution, every request you make here may generate lots of requests to envato API depending on your number of sales. Trying multiple times may result in API rate limiting

How to install/use ?

  • Simple download the script using the download link below
  • Upload the folder to your server
  • go to and create a new token. Check View your statement transactions, View your account financial history, View your items’ sales history, View and search Envato sites, View your Envato Account username.
  • copy the generated token code
  • open class.envato-partner-earning-splitter.php file with a code editor and populate the value of $bearer with your token code.
  • You’re all set to go
  • Open the script root folder on your browser and start using it!
  • Your item id is the numeric id that your product url ends with.

Get Envato Partner Earning Splitter php script

The script is available on github. Click here to get it from Github.


Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section or using our helpdesk or on github.