Verifying clients by purchase code is something that almost all envato authors need. If you’re supporting clients by direct email or own support system, you may need to verify if the user really a customer of your product.

There are many scripts and support system which integrated with envato API though. But I am gonna show you something different.

What if you have a system installed on your own server, where you can just put the purchase code you got from client and get all the information about sale ?

Features ?

  1. Ajax powered
  2. Validate envato purchase code
  3. 2 result layout (list and table)
  4. Easy to install and use


So, Lets see some screenshots about the workflow:

Verify Envato Clients by Purchase Code

Verify Envato Clients by Purchase Code


Result List View


Result Table View

How to install/use ?

  • Simple download the script using the download link below
  • Upload the folder to your server
  • go to and create a new token.
  • copy the generated token code
  • open class.verify-purchase.php file with a code editor and populate the value of $bearer with your token code.
  • You’re all set to go
  • Open the script root folder on your browser and put a purchase code. It will validate and display the data 🙂
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