How To Choose The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin? ( 6 Must-Know Tips )

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WordPress PDF viewer plugin is a must to ensure an easy and comfortable PDF reading experience on their WordPress website. Not just that, it will also increase the time, a visitor stays on your website. Almost every WordPress website uses a pdf viewer plugin now.

So it’s very important to choose the right WordPress PDF viewer plugin to boost the website’s performance in search engines, get more organic traffic and make the website more user-friendly.

So how to choose? There are more than 50 thousand plugins in the repository right now. Which plugin will be perfect for your demand is a tough ask if you don’t know about the selection process of the plugin.

This blog post will guide you exactly on how to find the right PDF viewer plugin for your WordPress website. Let’s get started, then.

Do You Know Your Requirements?

The first task of selecting the right WordPress plugin starts with knowing your requirements. If you know your needs, you are almost half the job done. So make sure you fully understand what function and feature you want to look for in the desired plugin.

If you’ve just 10 minutes on your hand, you can simply watch this complete tutorial to learn more details. Watch the Complete Tutorial.



This process is important because there can be two or more plugins of the same type. But there will be a slight difference in the functionality or features. Also, you should be aware that this plugin will cost you some money if it’s not free, so don’t just buy any plugin you see. Be double-sure.

When you are fully sure about the demanded plugin, we go to the next step, starting the search.

Where to Search For The Right WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin?

When you start searching, you will see both the free and premium plugin options. Free plugins will not cost you any money. But there will be a shortage of features you will need in the long run, and then you have to shift to the pro option.

So sometime’s it’s better to go for the premium option right at the beginning. This premium plugin will fulfil all your requirements, and you will get full support from the plugin developers for any issues. 

Always remember that you need to buy premium plugins from trusted sources like CodeCanyon. Third-party suppliers may provide you with the same plugin at a lower price, but there can be malicious codes. It will cost you your total website. 

Let’s assume you have searched for a WordPress PDF viewer on CodeCanyon and found a list of plugins to show PDF on the website.

7 Facts To Check Before Choosing The PDF Viewer Plugin:

When you are fully ready, and you have a very clear concept about the required plugin, now is the time to check the following points that you are about to know. After you pass all 7 steps, you can buy the plugin that meets your demand.

Here, you must Check these 7 things before choosing the selected one. So, let’s have a quick look. Happy Learning!

(1) How Many Ratings does The Plugin Have?

The plugin rating gives you an indication of that plugin’s usability. Generally, users rate the plugin after using it. So it’s the expression of whether that pdf viewer plugin is worth the use.

It can be rated from 1 to 5 stars. If the plugin has any rating below 4, it indicates that you should keep away from that plugin. That means the rating has to be above 4, at least.

One more thing to check that how many ratings it has got. If it has only 1 or 2 reviews, it proves that the plugin needs more ratings to check and be decided. This amount should be at least one hundred, and then you can check the exact rating because many people have already used that.

plugin- ratings

(2) What Are The Reviewer From Previous Users?

The second thing that you should consider is the reviews from the users. From the ‘reviews’ tab, you can check all the previous reviews the plugin has got. It’s the best way to know whether that plugin is broadly appreciated.

Go through the reviews and check whether the previous users have faced any issues. You should also notice how the seller has responded to any user issue.

Like the rating section, the number of reviews also needs a good amount. So now, if the PDF viewer has passed this section, we move on to the next one.


user- reviews

(3) How Many Times The PDF Viewer Plugin is Used?

The active installation is the number of how many websites that are still using that PDF viewer plugin. Unfortunately, CodeCanyon doesn’t give you the number of ‘active installations, but it will provide you with the number of sales.

The sales number is also the same as the active installation number. Watch it out. If it has a below-par sale, it shows that only a few people have found this plugin useful. Rather check for some other options.

And if the plugin has a few thousand sales, you can go for that without hesitation. You can check the image below and get a clear concept of this topic.


(4) How Often is the plugin Updated?

Regular updates are proof that the plugin has a few people still working behind it. If a plugin is not updated for a long time, it generally means the developers have left that plugin. So you are more likely not to get support when you face a problem.

On the other hand, plugins with regular updates will surely be compatible with every version of WordPress, and they will not conflict with other plugins. Moreover, regular updates also indicate the addition of new features. So you will get regular some new elements into your plugin.

Therefore, you must check the updates and compatibility before buying the PDF viewer plugin. You can check this out in the ‘Item Detail’ section, as shown in the image below.


You can find all previous updates under the ‘Item Details (any plugin) page in the ‘Changelog’ section.

So if you want to know what the developers have done since the plugin’s first release, you need to scroll down and check out the detailed changelog from top to bottom.

complete changelog

After ensuring regular updates, you should double-check the plugin’s compatibility and whether it is usable with the current WordPress version.

We recommend you be double sure about this compatibility issue because it can also stop the working process of other plugins. 

In the worst-case scenario, they may damage or crash your WordPress website.

To check the version of WordPress you’re currently using, you need to go over the head of your dashboard in WordPress and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Look at the image below:


(5) Is There Full Documentation and a Support System?

When you opt for a new plugin, it is obvious that you may need to learn every working principle or function of that plugin. The question is how to know everything about the plugin. To solve this issue, every plugin developer provides you with a documentation page.

The best WordPress PDF viewer plugin should have detailed documentation. Read that page thoroughly. 

On CodeCanyon, you will find a support tab for every plugin. So, for example, check if that PDF viewer plugin for WordPress has a dedicated support section. This section proves that plugin developers will provide quick and good support.

You will find the common problems here that have occurred before. This support tab is the testimonial of the responsiveness of the people working behind that plugin. Check this out very carefully.

complete-documentation-and- support


(6) What Are The Recent and Latest Features?

Finally, give a quick look at how many latest or new features the WordPress PDF viewer plugin has and also will satisfy your short-term and long-term needs.



Here, you have to recall the following things to purchase the premium PDF viewer plugin:


– Fully responsive PDF reader and FlipBook Mode.– Plenty of toolbar items and control panels.

– Unlimited size or file number.

– Getting Lifetime Upgradation.

– Working perfectly with leading browsers (Chrome) on any OS (windows, iOS etc.).

– Fast, flexible and highly secured.

– Having complete documentation on the plugins.

– Getting quick customer support 24/7

– Updating the plugin with one click

– Compatible with page builders like as- Elementor, WPBakery, etc.


Wrapping Up For WordPress PDF Viewer:

Choosing the right PDF viewer plugins for your WordPress site should be easy if you follow our complete guidelines. But you’ve to put some effort into it. 

Think of it as a primary investment. It’s usually better to review and verify the plugins, and every information around it’s working before installing rather than not doing so. Then, only activate the plugins that you find worthy of satisfying your needs.

Key 6 things you’ve to keep in mind when picking out the best PDF viewer plugin for your WordPress site:

  • How Many Ratings does The Plugin Have?
  • What Are The Reviewer From Previous Users?
  • How Many Times The PDF Viewer Plugin is Used?
  • How Often is the plugin Updated?
  • Is There Full Documentation and a Support System?
  • What Are The Recent and Latest Features?

ThemeNCode is one of the top-rated WordPress plugins and theme developers that provides many effective plugins for any e-business. Also, check out our plugin PDF viewer for WordPress, the best-selling pdf viewer and flipbook plugin for WordPress.

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For more info, you need to check out our list of WordPress themes & customized plugins. Finally, we hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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