What is a Bookshelf Plugin? Why it’s a Must-Have WordPress Plugin?

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A WordPress bookshelf plugin enables users to display and organize any WordPress item as a BookShelf which is the most visually pleasing way to showcase your contents. Not only visually pleasing it can also make the finding process easier for visitors. A BookShelf plugin can have some other display options too. We will talk about that too in this article.

The BookShelf plugin is beneficial for both Website owners and visitors. It allows each party to quickly access what they are looking for. For example, an author can create an organized list of their published works on their website. Readers can browse through titles they may be interested in reading. The bookshelf plugin also allows authors to control the placement and layout of their book listings. The author also can customize it according to their preferences.

Why Every WordPress Needs BookShelf Plugin?

The Bookshelf plugin is a perfect solution for WordPress users. It is a more user-friendly way of accessing any item on WordPress. It creates something like an archive and displays that with a shelf view. First, let’s have a look and then we will discuss it further.

Here you can see how amazingly the items are displayed. And, there is no limitation in terms of item type. Anything can be shown with this shelf view. So for instance, if you want to show products, videos, ebooks, etc you can show it as the shown shelf view above.

So, if you want to highlight any specific items you can use this kind of display. With the BookShelf view, you can attract more visitors by amazing them with a very unique approach.

Which Bookshelf Plugin to Choose?

There are a number of choices for the Bookshelf plugin in WordPress. But if you want the best you should always go for TNC BookShelf Popup Pro. It offers a lot of versatile options to make your website stand out among every other. Here are some key reasons why you should choose the TNC BookShelf Popup

Shelf Display For Every WordPress Item: You can show any WordPress item as a BookShelf.

Grid Mode: Apart From BookShelf, there is a Grid mode which is more like a collection and shown as a grid of items.

List Mode: If you want to show the items as a list, then this plugin will also help you with that.

Popup Mode: This is another unique feature. With this plugin, you can show any of your WordPress items and contents as a Popup.

Check out the live preview now

Here Are Some of The Key Benefits of Using a WordPress Bookshelf Plugin:

User-friendly interface:

A bookshelf plugin typically provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to browse, search, and access. The interface may include features such as cover images, book summaries, and ratings, making it easier for users to find and choose the books they want to read.

Enhanced reading experience:

Some bookshelf plugins offer additional features that enhance the reading experience for users. For example, some plugins may include a built-in dictionary, the ability to highlight and make notes within the book, and options for adjusting the text size, font, and background color.


A bookshelf plugin may provide improved accessibility for users with disabilities, such as increasing the text size or adjusting the background color for better visibility.

Integration with other services:

Many bookshelf plugins are integrated with other online services, such as Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. This allows users to synchronize their books across multiple devices and access their digital library from any device with an internet connection.

Increased engagement:

By providing users with a more organized and accessible way to store and access their digital books. This plugin can increase user engagement with digital books. This can lead to improved reading, which is beneficial for both the user and the book industry as a whole.


A bookshelf plugin offers a number of advantages over a normal PDF reader. So it is a more appealing option for users. With its user-friendly interface, centralized storage, enhanced reading experience, and integration with other services. A bookshelf plugin provides a more organized and enjoyable way to access and enjoy digital books.



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