Why you should use a PDF Reader plugin on your Website ?

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Nowadays, PDF’s are used very frequently on websites. It can be either a Brochure, Flyer, Product Catalog, Invoice, User Manual/documentation, proposal or any other document. Probably 70%+ websites have at least one pdf file.

When you have pdf file on your website, obviously you’ll never want to make this a pain for user and also you’ll want to make sure that each and every user can read the content of your website, regardless which device or browser they are using.

When you use direct link to pdf file on your website, you’re giving the responsibility of viewing the file to user(users device and browser). That means if users browser doesn’t have any integrated pdf reader and there’s no pdf reader software in their device, he/she will not be able to read your pdf!

Why should you keep such kind of risk when there’s an awesome solution ?

Yes, There’s a solution for this problem. If you have a WordPress Website and have pdf’s on the site, you’ll need a WordPress Plugin called PDF Viewer for WordPress.

With this plugin, you can make sure all the users can read your pdf with exact same interface without any issue. The Plugin is responsive and compatible with most os, devices and browsers. So, You’re totally risk free!

As a bonus, you can keep track using google analytics and lots of toolbar items (Print, Download, Share, Find, Pagenav, Zoom, Branding and more..) that are needed for a pdf reader! More details can be found on Plugin Page

Get PDF Viewer for WordPress Now!

What if you have a non-WordPress Website 

Well, There’s a php version of PDF Viewer for WordPress as well. It is called ThemeNcode PDF Reader

Get ThemeNcode PDF Reader Now



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