How a WordPress PDF Plugin improves Your Site Performance?

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Who doesn’t want to improve their website and get more traffic? The answer is everyone. But there are little things that no one pays attention to. If you make sure you have these little things done correctly then sooner or later you will get successful. And to do that you need to choose the right WordPress PDF plugin.

In the beginning, these things may not seem to be that important. But let me tell you they are! Why? Cause these little works will make you better than others as everyone is focusing on the same gigs.

In this article, we are going to talk about how a properly uploaded PDF helps your website. Also, how you can upload PDFs properly, what is the right way and what are the things you should avoid. 

First, let’s know how a site performance is measured:

There are a lot of parameters to measure website performance. But if you want to know in short you should keep a close eye on the search performance. In easy words, if your website is doing good on search engines then there is no issue with performance. 

By doing good I meant showing on the first page with your desired keyword. And, if it is not coming up in the search result then you should be concerned about your website performance.

You can totally believe in search engine results and this performance won’t improve on its own.

For example, your WordPress website may have a lot of blogs or PDFs, or other files. But you can’t see the website on Google’s first page. This is because your WordPress PDFs or blogs might not be done in a proper way. 

I will talk about proper blogging in another article but in this one, I will guide you about the proper way of showing PDFs on your WordPress website. But first, let’s talk about the factors that boost performance.

Things that are a must to improve website performance:

In order to achieve the best result for your website make sure the loading speed is good. The website should not take a long time to load. Cause visitors lose interest when they come across a slow website.

You should make sure your content is good and readable. Cause if it’s not worth reading then your visitors will automatically leave after a few seconds.

Always keep that in mind if your visitors are now spending enough time on your website then google will think that your website content is poor and you can’t make the desired position.

A very good practice is having things that are interactive. So that your visitors don’t get a monotonous feeling while being on your website and the more time spent, the better result you will get. 

Try to upload files with the smallest possible size. Don’t compromise the quality of the content but uploading too many large files will create problems in the long run.

Make sure you use the right WordPress plugins because if you are not using the right one, you may need more than one plugin to do a job that might have been done by one plugin. Also, there are plugins that cause conflict with other plugins and sometimes with the version of WordPress. In those cases, your website gets highly damaged. Having too many plugins is also a big reason to worry for you. Keep the number of plugins as less as possible. Look for plugins that can do several works and lightweight. 

If your website is not responsive you should solve it right away. Think about mobile or smaller device users. Unresponsive websites have poor performance on Google. 

Why a Proper PDF is So Important For WordPress?

PDF is important for various purposes on your WordPress website. You may need to show some manual, documentation, catalog, resume, or report. There is a huge number of places where a PDF has to be shown.

But if this PDF is just normally uploaded and without a proper PDF reader then the visitors don’t feel that is important to read. So the PDF which was meant to be read for some time loses its attraction and no one tends to read that for long. This is very bad for Search Engine Optimization. 

On the other hand, if you upload the PDF the way it is meant to be then visitors will stay for long reading that PDF. We can think of an example that you upload an ebook or magazine.  When a visitor wants to read an ebook or check out a magazine he/she might want to bookmark a page or follow the link inside that. Also, while reading an ebook the flipbook feature helps to make a feeling of reading an actual book.

So, by that, the visitor can easily read the book and even continue from where he left over. There are so many toolbar options that will not be present without the PDF viewer.

How to Choose The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin:

There is a process of choosing the right WordPress plugin for a specific task. In this case, the task is to find the right plugin for viewing a PDF. I suggest you read this article.

How To Choose The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin? ( 6 Must-Know Tips )

In this article, you can learn everything about the selection process of the best PDF Viewer plugin and also there is a suggestion for you about the plugin that you can think of.

Some More Benefits of Using WordPress PDF Plugin:

PDF plugins not just only show your PDF files on your WordPress perfectly but also it has got a lot more things to offer than that:

  1. WordPress PDF plugin makes the PDF uploading and embedding process very easy
  2. WordPress PDF plugins allow the flipbook mode
  3. With these plugins, PDF looks the same on every browser
  4. PDF files load in a very quick time
  5. There are toolbar options that can turned on or off by the admin


It is important to upload a PDF to your WordPress website in the right manner so that the visitors can comfortably read the PDF. Thus a PDF can make the site performance better in terms of SEO. And to do that your PDF Viewer plugin needs to be top-notch.

Hope this article helps you in the right way and you can make the best out of your WordPress PDF files. That’s all for today. Happy reading!



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