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14 07, 2020

Envato Partner Earning Splitter [PHP SCRIPT]


Many envato authors works as teams and in some cases there are partnerships by single product items. In that case getting exact earning and distributing is much difficult to do manually, specially have you have more items other than the one with partnership. I saw few others looking for a solution of this and decided [...]

Envato Partner Earning Splitter [PHP SCRIPT]2020-07-14T18:36:53+06:00
27 12, 2015

Verify Your Envato Clients using Purchase code [Free PHP Script]


Verifying clients by purchase code is something that almost all envato authors need. If you're supporting clients by direct email or own support system, you may need to verify if the user really a customer of your product. There are many scripts and support system which integrated with envato API though. But I am gonna show [...]

Verify Your Envato Clients using Purchase code [Free PHP Script]2019-10-25T07:17:20+06:00
13 01, 2015

[PHP SCRIPT] ThemeNcode PDF Reader


BUY NOW LIVE DEMO We originally released PDF Viewer for WordPress plugin a few months back which already got about 1700 sales. During this time we received many user requests for a php version, this is why we decided to release a php version as well. Overview & Installation Video This script can be used [...]

[PHP SCRIPT] ThemeNcode PDF Reader2020-07-02T10:48:45+06:00
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