WP File Access Manager 3.0 Released By ThemeNcode

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A piece of good news for you!! ThemeNcode has released WP File Access Manager 3.0 today.

If you’ve already purchased ‘WP File Access Manager,’ you can simply log in to your codecanyon.net account and download the updated version 3.0 of this WordPress plugin.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can buy it now for just $59 from CodeCanyon. To explore more, start reading now! Learning is FUN!

Why WP File Access Manager?

During the last couple of years, ThemeNcode has received many similar questions from different users. The most common questions are how anyone can restrict any PDF file to a particular user, the user’s group, or any specific user’s role from accessing any file or file type.

We’ve realized it’s crucial to have control over any file you share with your visitors on your site. In this case, we started working deeply on it and finally found a better solution. We released the initial version 1.0 of WP File Access Manager on 20th April 2020.

On the 3rd of November 2022, we released the latest version of this WordPress plugin, “WP File Access Manager 3.0”, which will allow you to get more core functionalities and have fixed the major & minor bugs of this WordPress plugin.

What’s New In WP File Access Manager 3.0?

Changelog Of WP File Access Manager 3.0

  • Added a fallback image saying restricted when any image is restricted to improve user experience.
  • Fixed various warnings and undefined errors.
  • Added a complete archive page for the restricted individual files.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements.

To know more about the previous changelogs of this plugin, scroll down this page, and read out more under the changelogs section. Keep reading!

Top Features Of WP File Access Manager 3.0

Let’s have a quick look at what’s the new addition to WP File Access Manager 3.0

  • Better User Experience:

    We have added a fallback image saying restricted option when any image file is restricted to improve user experience.

  • Fixed Various Warnings:

    We’ve fixed undefined errors, warnings and various site bugs in the new version  of WP File Access Manager 3.0

  • Added Archive Page:

    We’ve added a complete archive page in this WordPress plugin under ‘Restrict Individual File List’ for the restricted individual files.

Key Benefits Of Using WP File Access Manager 3.0

There are 4 types of restrictions currently available in this WordPress plugin. You can easily enjoy the top benefits by using this great plugin. Those are-

  1. Restrictions By Individual File
  2. Restrictions By Individual File List
  3. Restrictions By File Type
  4. Restrictions For All Uploaded Files.

Here, I am going to explain some key notes on each restriction type. Let’s have a quick look.

1#. Restrictions By Individual (Single) File:

It’s very useful when you want to upload any file that needs to be available just for any specific user or the user’s role.

Restrictions By Individual File under wp file access manager

#2. Restrictions By Individual File List:

To improve user experience to the next level, a new option named ‘Restrict Individual File List’ has been added by ThemeNCode.

Here, you can easily choose several options like as- Image Name, Restrict By, Access Type, User Roles, Users, etc. while restricting your particular image file.


Restrictions By Individual File List under under wp file access manager

3#. Restrictions By File Type:

This alternative is also beneficial if you don’t want to go for a single file separately but limit files of a particular file type. For instance- since we’re discussing PDF Files, you may set up some limitations for all PDF files from this option.

What you need to do is- Go to the ‘Restrict By File Type’ tab. Then check to ‘Require Login’ checkbox and select the roles/users to allow or disallow. Finally, click on the ‘Save Changes’ option.

Now, you’re all done! All files will now follow the instructions that you’ve already set.


Restrictions By File Type under wp file access manager

4#. Restrictions For All Uploads:

The option is to set some restrictions for all the files. Since it will apply to each file uploaded to the media library, it’s advisable for some sites. It can be suitable for private websites.

This option easily works in the same way as the other two options mentioned earlier. Just go to this tab, and select “Settings & Save.” The new settings will apply to all the files of your media library.

Restrictions For All Uploaded Files under this plugin

How To Set Up This Plugin to Work Perfectly with PDF viewer for WordPress?

Well. The entire process is pretty simple. There is no extra effort needed to work with PDF viewer for WordPress. It has already been optimized to work well with PDF Viewer for the WordPress plugin.

Therefore, you have to install, activate and set up the main restrictions on WP File Access Manager 3.0, and you are done! After that, your files will automatically follow the rules on your PDF Viewer.

What’s Next?

The next step is getting the WordPress plugin and taking control of any format of your files. WP File Access Manager 3.0 is now available for purchase on CodeCanyon. So, install this WordPress plugin on your website today and start protecting any format of your files.

On the other hand, we are always working to make this WordPress plugin more interactive and useful. We appreciate any feedback from you because it helps us upgrade this plugin to the next level.

So, please let us know any ideas or comments to improve this helpful WordPress plugin using our contact page. Or You can simply send a quick message to our support portal.

Many cool features have already been listed, and we’re working to implement those features very soon. Stay with us.

Thanks for reading!!



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