14 Essential WordPress Plugins For Writers

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There was a time when writers just needed a pen and paper to write books. Then came the typewriter; after that, they felt the need for keyboards to write and keep on a personal computer. 

Nowadays, more than these tools are needed. For example, to get more exposure as a writer or author, you must need a website where your visitors can read the book or a portion of that book before buying.

A WordPress website is the easiest way for writers. They can quickly build websites with WordPress and showcase their writings. It is also possible they can sell them in the form of ebooks. In this article, we will talk about the best WordPress plugins for writers or authors.


Facts You Need to Check before Selecting The Plugins:


Responsive plugins work perfectly both on mobile and computer. Therefore, it is a must for your website. Responsiveness will ensure that the website doesn’t break on mobile or smaller devices. If the plugin you are looking for is not responsive, it’s better to go for another one.

Fast and Smooth:

Some plugins make the website slow. Visitors leave if the website loading time is high and not fast. So it would be best if you got good compatible plugins that work perfectly with other plugins and your current theme.

Proper Documentation:

If the plugin has proper documentation, it gets easier to work with it. So read the documentation before going for that plugin. Documentation generally holds all the information about that plugin. Also, knowing the working principle, it’s a must.

Previous Reviews:

Check out the reviews from previous users. It will give you a brief understanding of whether that plugin is usable. If the earlier users do not like the plugin, then there is no point in wasting time on that plugin.

If you want to learn more about buying WordPress plugins and how to choose the perfect WordPress plugin I suggest you to check this article. How To Choose The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin? ( 6 Must-Know Tips )


Types of Plugins Needed For A Writers/Authors Website: 

  • PDF Viewer or Embedder
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Digital Book Seller 
  • File Access Control
  • Proof Reading ( Grammar Check )
  • Copyright Viewer
  • Speed Optimizer

PDF Viewer or Embedder:

PDF Viewer or embedder helps you to embed and show pdf files on your WordPress website. The reading experience will be different without a pdf viewer on other browsers. Also, you will get many toolbar options if you use a pdf viewer plugin. You can show your book as a flipbook on your website using this plugin.

Search Engine Optimizer:

If you are creating a writer’s website, you will love to get more readers for your books. The best way to get more readers is to get a higher rank on Seach Engines like Google. These type of plugins helps you to make your website optimized for search engines. Almost all WordPress websites use an SEO plugin.

Digital Book Seller:

To sell your books on your website, you need a plugin. It’s a great way to get more exposure as a writer. Various plugins help you to sell books online. You can set up the payment gateway options with these plugins too.

File Access Control:

Only give access to some of the visitors. Next, you must need a file access control plugin to show your books only to paid member visitors. This plugin will only let the paid visitors read your books, and all the other visitors will be restricted from accessing them. 

Proof Reading ( Grammar Check ):

Before publishing the book on your WordPress website, double-check the grammar and spelling. These plugins have just got you covered. It will proofread the book for you and free you from any mistakes.

Copyright Viewer:

In this fast-growing digital world, keeping your works’ copyrights is essential. The writing can be easily copied and uploaded by others if you don’t use copyright plugins. So make sure you get this and have the copyright of your books.

Speed Optimizer:

Website loading speed is critical to give the best experience to your visitors or readers. If the book takes a long time to load, the visitors can lose attention and leave the website without reading the book. So make sure your website is fast and loads quickly.

So, now here is a list of plugins you will surely need for your WordPress website.


14 Essential WordPress Plugins For Writers:

1. PDF viewer for WordPress

If you are talking about the plugin to show pdf (Ebook) on a WordPress website, there is nothing better than PDF viewer for WordPress. The best pdf viewer and flipbook plugin for WordPress since 2014. This is one of  the most useful WordPress plugins for Writers

PDF viewer for WordPress With FlipBook

This plugin will perfectly show the PDF on your WordPress, and the readers will get a real book-like experience while reading. If you want to try this plugin, Click Here.

2. Yoast SEO

For Search Engine Optimization Yoast SEO is the king of all plugins. It will guide you in optimizing your website content to get a better ranking on Google. 


Yoast SEO has a very easy user interface. You don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge to use it. Get it from here. 

3. Easy digital download

A complete eCommerce solution for selling digital products on WordPress. You will need this plugin to sell your books on your WordPress website. This plugin is handy for digital products.


This plugin works the same as WooCommerce but for digital products. For products like ebooks, this plugin should be used. Click here to get this plugin.

4. WP File Access Manager

The best plugin to control access to your WordPress files. Only selected or permitted visitors can see your books, and this plugin will restrict other visitors. WordPress plugins for writers list is incomplete without WP File Access Manager.

This plugin can work with every type of file. It is integrated with Paid Membership Pro and WooCommerce also. Get it from here.

5. Jetpack

Malware scanning, spam protection, and backup everything with just one single plugin. It’s the best plugin for the security of your WordPress website. 

This plugin provides powerful spam protection for comments. This plugin is used on over 5 million websites regularly. Check this out here.

6. Copyrighted Post

Add a copyright notice at the end of each post of your blog. Then, no one can use your works any further, and if it gets pirated, you can claim your copyright.

This plugin is essential for you if you are a creative person. Your work will be secured, and you will have full ownership of your work. Check this out here.

7. Gravity Forms

Forms are needed for various reasons. For example, you might need to create a contact form on your website. Creating custom forms is very easy with Gravity Forms.


The easiest way is to create custom web forms to capture leads, collect payments, automate workflows, and build your business online. Try it out now.

8. WP Rocket

Caching plugin is important for website speed optimization and better user experience. You can achieve incredible speed results and optimize your website for the Core Web Vitals.

There are various other caching plugins in the market now. But WP Rocket still holds the best performer position among them. Check this out

9. WordFence

This plugin will work as the security guard of your WordPress website. It will alert you if your site’s security is compromised.

As you have invested time and money into your WordPress website, you should keep your website safe and secure. This plugin will be perfect for that. Get it from here.

10. Sassy Social Share

Sharing your books on social media can get you more visitors and readers. This plugin makes the social sharing process very easy. Check it out here.

11. WordPress Popular Posts

Show the most popular post right at the top. A lot of websites use this plugin these days. You should try this plugin to get more visitors to your recent posts. Learn More.

12. All-in-One WP Migration

This is the migration plugin that anyone can use. Back up your website, and keep your data in case of any fault. 

It’s possible to make mistakes while working on your live site. So don’t forget to have a backup every time. Check out this plugin.

13. WProofreader

Take your writing to the next level and make it free of grammatical or typing mistakes. Not only English but it can work with other languages too. Check it now.


14. Revive Old Posts

There are a lot of old posts that you may need to remember, but this plugin will remind you. And those posts will be shared on social media accounts so that it never gets old. Learn More.


The use of WordPress is increasing day by day. Right now, more than 43% of all website in the world is built with WordPress. So it’s very plausible that you will create a website using WordPress for your books as a writer very soon. We have just mentioned the 14 plugins you might need for your WordPress website as a writer. Here is the list for you again.

14 Essential WordPress Plugins for Writers:

  1. PDF viewer for WordPress
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Easy digital download
  4. WP File Access Manager
  5. Jetpack by WordPress
  6. Copyrighted Post
  7. Gravity Forms
  8. WP Rocket
  9. WordFence
  10. Sassy Social Share
  11. WordPress Popular Posts
  12. All-in-One WP Migration
  13. WProofreader
  14. Revive Old Posts

I hope this article will help you. Do share your opinion in the comments, and if you have any suggestions, you can do that too. If you want, you can share this with your friends on social media also. Happy Reading.




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