How to Reset Permalinks On WordPress Website?

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WordPress has been the most prominent CMS for over fifteen years. Tons of people use WordPress to create a website easily. WordPress helps them to develop various types of websites starting from personal ones to business websites. But there are some small tweaks that a lot of people don’t know and due to this they face problems and can’t solve them by themselves.

Today we are going to talk about a very small tweak like that which can help WordPress users to solve a big issue. And it can solve a lot of time. The issue that we are talking about is how to reset permalinks on WordPress websites.

How to Reset Permalinks On WordPress:

The process is very easy and simple. It just needs approximately two or three clicks to solve this issue. Here is how:

    1. Login to your WordPress dashboard

    1. Go to Settings

    1. Click on Permalinks

    1. Then just click Save Changes and your permalinks will be reset.

Why resetting permalinks is vital:

A lot of time WordPress users face issues with the URL of pages, posts, or other custom post types. It might show a 404 page or the page might not load perfectly as intended. Then just resetting the permalinks will solve the issue and everything will work normally as before.
Example: Sometimes after any change with TNC FlipBook – PDF viewer for WordPress users can see that the PDF viewer is not loading properly. Resetting the permalinks will solve this and the Viewer will come up as it should be.


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