Webflow Furniture Template – FurniFlow TNC (With Video)

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Greetings to creative enthusiasts. For the furniture and interior design industry, having a stunning and functional website is not just a luxury but a necessity. ThemeNcode proudly announces the launch of its latest creation, the FurniFlow TNC – Webflow Furniture Template, now available on the Webflow Marketplace.

FurniFlow TNC stands out for its simplicity and sophistication, offering furniture businesses a clean canvas to showcase their products. The template’s minimalist design doesn’t overshadow the showcased interior, allowing potential clients to focus on the aesthetics and details of each project. Now, let’s explore this template in depth. This template is not limited to only furniture templates; you can use this template as a landing page template or agency template, too. Check out all the templates by ThemeNcode.

If you want to learn more about this template, Click Here.

Best Features of the Webflow Furniture Template – FurniFlow TNC

This template is more than just a design – it’s a comprehensive solution for the furniture and interior design industry. Let’s dive into the standout features that make  FurniFlow TNC unique:

  • Integrated eCommerce: This E-Commerce feature enables interior designers to not only showcase their services but also sell them online and allows designers to display service packages, receive inquiries, and even facilitate online transactions.
  • Powerful CMS: FurniFlow TNC moves further by integrating a CMS functionality. You can update project details, add new work, and maintain a dynamic portfolio without needing constant technical intervention with the CMS.
  • Fully Responsive Design: This Webflow template is designed to look great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones, for its responsive design.
  • Effortless Customization:  FurniFlow TNC ensures customization options to maintain brand consistency. You can easily personalize the template without going into complex coding. This adaptability allows for a brand identity across websites and other online platforms.
  • Engaging Animations and Sliders: It includes animations and sliders that add a touch of elegance to your website and make the user experience unforgettable.
  • Service Showcase: FurniFlow TNC has dedicated sections to showcase your range of services. Highlight your best-selling or featured items to attract customer attention.
  • User-centric interface: FurniFlow TNC offers intuitive navigation and engages visitors without unnecessary design distractions. Clients can explore your portfolio with meaningful interactions.
  • Timeless and Elegant Design: The user-friendly nature of the template minimizes time spent on coding, allowing companies to focus more on creativity and client needs that put your interior projects front and center.
  • Elegant Product Displays: Showcase your furniture collection with style, highlighting the craftsmanship and quality of each piece.
  • Support and Resources: This webflow template comes with excellent support and resources. Whatever difficulty you face setting up your website, ThemeNcode ensures you get support.

Pages Included:

  1. Home page
  2. Shop Page
  3. Product Category Page
  4. Single Product Page
  5. Sidebar Cart
  6. Search on Menu
  7. My Account Page
  8. Order Tracking Page
  9. Checkout Page
  10. About Page
  11. Contact Page
  12. Blog Archive Page
  13. Blog Category Page
  14. Single Blog Page
  15. Login Page
  16. Sign Up page
  17. Forget Password Page
  18. Terms/Privacy Policy page

Where to Get this Template:

ThemeNcode is an Approved Webflow Designer. All Webflow templates by ThemeNcode are listed on the Webflow marketplace. Follow the given links to get this template, or check out the live preview page.

Buy Now | Live Preview | Designer Preview

How to Use FurniFlow TNC?

Using FurniFlow TNC for your interior design business is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly design and customizable features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively utilize FurniFlow TNC:

1. Purchase and Download

2. Set Up Your Webflow Account

3. Upload Your Template

4. Customize Your Site

5. Preview and Publish Your Site

Watch on Youtube

If you want to learn more about this template, quickly check out the YouTube video. There, you can see every detail easily and in an easier way.


FurniFlow TNC is a dynamic partner for interior designers and furniture business owners looking to improve their online presence. It’s your friendly companion in the digital world. FurniFlow TNC empowers you to make a lasting impact and turn your passion into a rich online presence. The inclusion of e-commerce and CMS adds an innovative dimension. Enables designers to not only showcase but also monetize their services directly on the website. It’s time to make your designs sparkle hassle-free!

If you want to read more about other Webflow CMS, Ecommerce, Blog, agency, etc, templates by ThemeNcode, visit here.



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