Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on is Now Live

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Good news for Avada users. ThemeNcode has launched the Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on. From now embedding PDF files will be easier and faster. PDF files can be uploaded using the Avada Builder.

What is Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on?

Avada has been one of the most popular themes for WordPress since 2012. Just like Avada, PDF viewer for WordPress has been the most popular PDF viewer and Flipbook plugin since 2014. Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on is the bridge between Avada and PDF viewer for WordPress.

With this Add-on you can easily show or embed PDF files on your WordPress website. This Add-on has 5 elements. Each element will do a specific task and as a whole, you can show PDF in every way possible.

Where to Get This Addon

Avada PDF viewer for WordPress is created by ThemeNcode. This Add-on is listed on the ThemeNcode website with many other awesome plugins. Visit this Avada PDF viewer for WordPress landing Page, to get this plugin.

One fact that needs to be very very clear is that this Add-on will not work without TNC PDF viewer(WordPress.org) or PDF viewer for WordPress plugin. So you need to get PDF viewer for WordPress or TNC PDF viewer first. If you already have any of these plugin on your WordPress website then you can continue with the Add-on. Also, this is for Avada users only. If you are a user of the Divi theme then you should consider checking Divi PDF Viewer Add-on. Also, ThemeNcode has Add-ons for Elementor and WPBakery.

How to Install this Add-on:

If you don’t have TNC PDF viewer or PDF viewer for WordPress, get this plugin first. Otherwise, go to the Avada PDF Viewer Add-on CodeCanyon page. On this page, you will get all the information about this plugin. Click on the Add to Cart button. Complete the process and download the plugin.

After downloading, sign in to your WordPress dashboard and upload the plugin zip folder from Plugins -> Add New. Install and activate the plugin.

Then, go to the page/post that you want to edit with Avada builder. You can edit with Live Builder. When the builder appears, search ‘PDF’ to find the elements that came with this Add-on.

Elements of Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on

As we just mentioned, this Add-on has five elements. These elements will make your life free from using boring shortcodes. Avada builder elements are far more easier and fun to use than the use of those shortcodes. Look at the elements that come with the Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on.

  1. Bookshelf – Display PDF Viewer
  2. List/Grid – Display PDF Viewer
  3. PDF Viewer Embed
  4. PDF Viewer Link
  5. PDF Viewer Image Link

PDF Viewer Link: 

This element creates a link to the selected PDF. When the visitors click that link, they can read the pdf.

Avada PDF Viewer link widget

PDF Viewer Embed/Iframe: 

This element embeds the PDF into that specific page or post you are currently building. When visitors visit that page, they can read the PDF directly.


PDF Viewer Image: 

This element shows an image using a link to the image. The image will be linked with a PDF. By clicking the image, visitors can open the PDF and read that. 


Bookshelf – Display PDF Viewer

This element arranges and organizes the PDF files as a Bookshelf. But to use this bookshelf option, you need to use an Add-on called ” Display PDF viewer for WordPress”. Check this image to see what a bookshelf looks like.

List/Grid – Display PDF Viewer

This element arranges the PDF Files as a list or grid and shows them with filtering, searching, and sorting options. But in order to use this element you need to get “Display – PDF viewer for WordPress”.


What is a bookshelf plugin? How it gets more visitors than a normal PDF reader?

Quick Recap of The Features Of the Avada PDF Viewer Add-on:

This Add-on has some excellent dynamic features that make the pdf viewing process easier and also visually pleasing. Take a look at a few key features:

  1. Integrate PDF viewer for WordPress with Avada
  2. 5 Elements to show or embed PDF
  3. Image linked with a PDF
  4. Enables Flipbook Mode 
  5. Easy-to-use interface
  6. Link option to show pdf in same or another window.


ThemeNcode has always thought about how to give more value to users. In this process, the newest inclusion is Avada PDF viewer for WordPress Add-on.

You can go for this Add-on without any hesitation if you are an Avada user. This will help you by cutting down the work by a big margin. Get this plugin now.

As ThemeNcode has Add-on for Elementor and Divi also, you can try them out too. That’s all for today.



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