How to Create Contact Form 7 Popup (With Video Tutorial)

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Creating a Contact Form 7 Popup is not a very tough job if you know the right procedure. There are many WordPress popup plugins, but all of them work with a specific type of popup. But today I will tell you about TNC BookShelf Popup and let you know how you can create a contact from 7 Popup using that plugin.

Popup is a good way to restrict the loss of visitors, and you can show your visitors anything without leaving the actual page that they are browsing. TNC BookShelf Popup Pro will help you create a Popup with any WordPress item.

Why You Need to Popup Contact Form 7

Suppose you have a form on any particular page that may be linked using a button. So when someone clicks that button, it will take them to that form page. So, you might end up losing that visitor as they have left the main page. But if you can pop up that form, then the visitors can fill the form on the main page.

This is why a popup is important. Contact Form 7 is one of the most used popup plugins that help WordPress users create any kind of form. As most of the WordPress forms are created by contact form 7, I am mentioning that plugin, but you can pop up any form you want if you follow my method.

Create a Contact Form 7 Popup (Step by Step)

As I have mentioned earlier, you need to get a plugin called TNC BookShelf Popup Pro. This plugin can make any WordPress item popup, but here I will talk about only contact form 7 popup. So, let’s dive into the process now.

Step 1: Install TNC BookShelf Popup

You can get this plugin from the ThemeNcode marketplace. Simply get this plugin and install it on your WordPress website.

TNC BookShelf Popup –

Step 2: Copy Contact Form 7 Shortcode

As you want to popup the contact form 7 form, I am guessing that you have this plugin already installed. Simply go to contact forms and then copy the shortcode of the form that you want to popup.

Step 3: Create a Shelf item

Now, in order to show that form as Popup, you need to create a shelf item. Go to TNC BookShelf Popup Pro and then click Add New Shelf item. Give it a title and then select the shortcode from the content to display option. After that, paste the shortcode that you just copied. Then click publish, and the shelf item is created.

Step 4: Add the Popup to a page or post

Go to the page or post where you want to show the popup. Now, take the TNC BookShelf Popup Pro block, and then select the Popup option. After that, search and select the shelf item that you create. There are two trigger options. Text and image. If you take the text option, then it will be a text link, and if you take the image option, then it will show an image that will be linked with the popup. So take the option that you need, and you are done.

Contact Form 7 Popup Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial of the whole process of creating a Contact Form 7 popup. Watch this video, and if you need any further help, ask us in the comment section.


Hope this article will help you in creating Popups with Forms. If you want to know about creating Popups apart from Contact Form 7 please read this blog:

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