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From a visitor’s perspective, interactive sites are preferable to regular static websites. Flipbook does the same thing. It is best if you want to grab the attention continuously. A WordPress flipbook plugin is essential if you want to show or embed PDF files as a flipbook.

Flipbook is kind of a new revolution because it has made PDF files come to life. PDF is a versatile file format. And, for a lot of days, people used to read the pdf with that static, boring reader. Things are changing now. 

Keeping your website up to date is very important with the changing trend. If you deliver what your visitors are looking for, you can be sure that your performance is going up. So you must go for a flipbook if you show a PDF on your website.

Why Flipbook Over Normal PDF Reader?

Flipbook will give the readers an experience such that they are reading an actual book. The page-turning animation is realistic, the same as changing a page from an original book.

Here you can see how a flipbook looks.

animation file for flipbook

On the contrary, a regular PDF reader shows the PDF just like a document on the screen, which is really monotonous and not visually pleasing. You can see here the regular PDF reader is just that same old thing on a monitor.

Statistics have shown that visitors spend more time reading a PDF if it’s shown as a flipbook rather than a regular PDF reader. So this is the point where you should put yourself ahead of others.

Yes, a regular PDF reader is vital for some aspects. But here is an exciting fact to cash in. That is, you should be eyeing a plugin that provides both the option of a PDF reader and a Flipbook.

Also, Flipbook is better for SEO. Cause visitors spend more time reading a flipbook rather than a normal PDF Viewer. The more time they spend, the better performance in ranking you will get. Do you know what are the best practices to get more traffic on WordPress?

The Best WordPress Flipbook Plugin

There are tons of WordPress flipbook plugins. But only some plugins are worth watching out for. To make your WordPress journey more straightforward, I have picked the best WordPress Flipbook plugin for you. 

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TNC FlipBook – PDF viewer for WordPress

There was a time when this was the only PDF Viewer and Flipbook plugin in the market. At that time it was the only relief for WordPress developers when they wanted to show PDF on WordPress as a flipbook. Although there are quite a few other options now, old ones always remain gold. 

The developers behind this plugin are still active and keep on updating the plugin regularly. Still, this is the most favorite flipbook plugin on CodeCanyon. That is why this plugin is my pick as the best WordPress FlipBook plugin Get this plugin.

How to Add PDFs using this plugin? Read Here.

Why TNC FlipBook is the Best WordPress FlipBook Plugin:

There are numerous reasons why I picked TNC FlipBook as the best FlipBook plugin. I will mention the top features that make this plugin stand out from every other FlipBook plugin. Read along and you’ll be very clear about choosing the FlipBook plugin for your WordPress website:

TNC FlipBook is fully customizable

You can show your PDFs as FlipBook with any color or style you want. There are six predefined themes and you can choose any custom color too. The toolbar can be placed in 4 different positions and the icon sizes can vary in three types too. Another amazing thing is that you can show or hide any toolbar elements.

Automatic Conversion From PDF Viewer to FlipBook

If you already have a lot of PDF links it will automatically find those links and activate the viewer. You can turn those existing links into a FlipBook or convert those links to a FlipBook link. So when a visitor clicks the link it will open a FlipBook.

Create FlipBook in Your Own Language

It has over 100 viewer language options. So you can work with your own language. If you know that most of your visitors are from a specific language then you can ease the process of reading by making your viewer with that specific language.

No Coding Required to create FlipBooks

Another amazing feature is that you don’t require any programming knowledge to work with this plugin. You can create a FlipBook with just a few mouse clicks. Although there is an option to put your own Custom CSS and JS but that is optional.

Lots of toolbar options

This FlipBook plugin has all the toolbar options that a PDF plugin should have. Download, share, print, zoom, find, next, full screen, new tab, etc. You can make your toolbar elements visible or hidden just as you want.

Responsive FlipBook Plugin

Fully responsive plugin and compatible with any version of WordPress. Also, it doesn’t conflict with other plugins. Your FlipBook will look the same on every device.


Compatible with every browser. It will show the same PDF on every browser. It can work perfectly on older browsers too.

Pay Once, Get a Lifetime Update

Lifetime updates. All you need to do is just buy it once and get lifetime updates for free.

No limitations

There is no limit if you use TNC FlipBook – PDF viewer for WordPress. You can use PDFs of any file size. There is no limit to the number of pages.

Proper Documentation about How to Make FlipBooks

There is both written and video documentation available for TNC FlipBook. In case you want to know how to use it perfectly you can learn it from the available resources.

Can be Used by Everyone

Both LTR and RTL mode is present. So it can used by every language and people.

Special PDFs Allowed

Any data through forms inside a PDF is also possible. If there are links inside a pdf it will work perfectly. Last but not least, readers can bookmark pages if this plugin is used.

Fast Customer Support

The support team for this plugin is very responsive. If you need any help, they will try to help you out in the shortest possible time.

This Plugin has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Learn more about this beautiful and effective plugin.


There are a huge number of WordPress plugins in every category that you can choose from. However, finding the right plugin is a task you need to perform very carefully. If you get the right plugin your work will be easier and on the contrary, if you the wrong plugin it will cause various serious problems.

Here I have mentioned the best WordPress flipbook plugin. I hope it will help you to find the best flipbook plugin for your website. If you don’t know how to choose the right PDF viewer for your WordPress website, I recommend you to read this article.

How To Choose The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin? ( 6 Must-Know Tips )



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